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Freedom of speech yes- but this is just wrong

"WASHINGTON (April 20) -- The Supreme Court struck down a federal law Tuesday aimed at banning videos that show graphic violence against animals, saying it violates the right to free speech.

The justices, voting 8-1, threw out the criminal conviction of Robert Stevens of Pittsville, Va., who was sentenced to three years in prison for videos he made about pit bull fights.

The law was enacted in 1999 to limit Internet sales of so-called crush videos, which appeal to a certain sexual fetish by showing women crushing to death small animals with their bare feet or high-heeled shoes"|aim|dl1|link5|

How can that be right? Also what sick bastards some humans are.
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Defending the NHS

Each day I take 4 injections of two different drugs for diabetes, 4 tablets for diabetes, two tablets to treat blood pressure,two tablets for an under active thyroid and one tablet for high cholesteral. I also each year have various hospital appointments, some with consultants for diabetes, a maxilo facial specialist for a strange thing called lichenplanus and a also gastro enterologist. I have regular blood tests to check my various bloody medical conditions. Earlier this year I had an endoscopy.

And what do I pay for all of this?..... Nothing at all.

But, I hear you say you are a productive member of society, you work, you have 3 children. All true.

My mum is 89, she has just had an x ray, a scan and a lung endoscopy, because her doctor didn't like the sound he heard on her chest.She also has daily medication and sometimes weekly blood tests and checks. And what does she pay? Nothing.

My father in law, aged 85. Rushed to hospital with a heart attack. Sadly he died two weeks later but the care he got on the critical care ward was second to none. We were very, very grateful for those two weeks we had with him. Can you imagine the cost of this treatment?

I'm just saying.
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This has been such a horrible year so far

We've lost two close family members this year I've just got back from the emergency vet. Our old and much loved cat Ginger was really not well tonight and the vet says it looks like heart failure and the prognosis isn't good. Lucy went with me and she is distraught, as a fluffy little kitten he was a present for her and Hannah. He was waiting for them when Hannah got back from her first day at school and Lucy started the middle school. I know he is only a cat and after losing the others this year this should give us some context but we all adore him. I just hope they can treat him and we can have him for a while longer.
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Facebook is scary

Ok how does Facebook know all these people to suggest that I friend? Someone of them look like your local neighbourhood psycho but some are people that I know vaguely including a copuple from Lj. How does it do that?
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Strange thing happened today

I was at school today in the foyer when someone noticed the shape of a bird on the window by the door. If you looked closely there was a white sort of greasy shadow of a bird in flight including beak head feathers and outstretched wings, On closer inspection it was clearly an owl. It must have flown at the window last night and left this outline. It was really weird like the shroud of Turin, only an owl and on a window. Strange.